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About FrankBanker

FrankBanker is a platform for sharing views and counter-views on Banking, Fintechs and related technology and economic impact. Our aim is to share knowledge and be a catalyst in encouraging a culture of frank discussions about banks, technology, economy and related topics.

We aren’t a news portal. We are bankers on a mission to help fellow bankers. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are our key values.

For article submission, suggestions and collaboration please connect with us at admin@frankbanker.com

Small caveat: we dislike hidden agendas, political motives and keywords/links aimed at driving readers for promotional purposes.

More about FrankBanker?

Beyond knowledge sharing, we are developing tools that range from simple ones to untangle banking complexity to more brain racking applications to upend the processes. Yes, it includes some vogue words like AI, ML but that’s not the point. Our simple aim is to resolve the friction faced by Bankers across the globe.

Keep watching this space as we move forward, one step at a time. And in case you wish to exchange ideas or explore collaboration, do write to us.

Amit Balooni

Amit is an experienced banker and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience from HSBC, HDFC, ICICI, GE Money and Tatas to the formation of his own Startups including FrankBanker Consulting (founded 2016).

He consults for many international institutions and banks including IFC (World Bank), ADB, Crisil Ltd and others, in the area of Banking strategy, Supply Chain Finance, SME lending and Process re-engineering and upskilling.

He is also a keen mentor for startups and is incubating a AI based Fintech (in stealth) to revolutionise the regulatory technology for banking industry.

He regularly conducts workshops to help build frank perspectives on banking and has trained more than 2000 bankers across middle and senior levels. You can connect with him at amit@frankbanker.com

Arijit Chanda

Arijit Chanda is a Chartered & Cost accountant by qualification and has over two & half decades of multifaceted experience in Banking and Consulting, covering a range of functional areas from Strategic Planning and Transformation, Business Development, Risk management, Internal Audit & organization excellence.

He has worked in leadership positions with Citibank, Tata Capital and Fullerton before establishing Samvit Insights, a strategic consulting firm based at Mumbai, in 2009.

His illustrious list of clients includes leading Banks, NBFC, HFC, Advisory Firms and many other national and international organizations.

He is a mentor and advisor to FrankBanker.

Sumit Kakkar

Sumit Kakkar, a seasoned banker, has donned various senior roles and held CXO office in leading organisations. He is a credit and risk specialist and was instrumental in shaping up the Emerging Corporate Risk unit of HDFC Bank.

Sumit has held leadership roles in Yes Bank and was the Chief Credit Officer of Federal Bank.

He is a mentor and advisor to FrankBanker.

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