Our discussion series that brings practitioner’s views on Banking

Episode 9

COVID Impact on Microfinance Institutions

How are MFIs dealing with COVID? 

Watch Amit Balooni in conversation with Micro Finance expert Venkatesh N, Founder and MD Samasta Microfinance (an IIFL group co), exploring the nuances of impact and response of MFIs

01:35 Comparing COVID impact with Demonetisation 05:27 Changes in the ‘high touch’ Operating Model of MFIs 08:32 Will COVID change the model’s operating cost structure? 11:02 Impact in different regions 12:26 Impact of Reverse Migration to rural areas 15:10 Workplace and team management changes 19:07 Employment and Job losses 20:45 Liquidity management – access to Private Equity and Debt 24:15 Portfolio Stress and Industry consolidation 29:18 Are MFIs still aspiring to be Banks?

Episode 8

Data Analytics in Banking: The changing landscape

Watch Amit Balooni in conversation with data analytics expert Roopam Upadhyay, Founder, evaluate the impact of COVID and other changes for Banking industry in the area of Data Analytics, Credit modelling and Behavioural scoring

02:01 Impact on variables in Credit Models 05:33 Are we going back to Judgemental Lending? 07:50 Evaluating analytics readiness of Banks 12:20 Is ‘IT’ the right place for Data Analytics? 14:15 Changes in the Credit Scoring methodologies 20:47 Using data for Behavioural Analysis 28:58 Banks need to be ready!

Episode 7

Covid impact on Banks’ Human Resource practices

Watch Amit Balooni in conversation with HR veterans Chandru Pingali, Founder and MD, Icube Consortium Pte Ltd, Singapore and Pallab Mukherji, Chief People Officer Equitas Small Finance Bank assessing impact of COVID on HR practices in the Banking sector.

01:31 Impact on Workplace, Culture and Team Management 11:46 What new Competencies will the Banks need? 16:21 Learning and Development changes 20:19 Recruitment and HR Ops 22:37 Job Cuts and Opportunities

Episode 6

Covid Impact on Agriculture and Agri-Lending

We discuss with Michael Andrade, Founder and CEO Samaaru and ex- Agri Banking Head, HDFC Bank, assessing the impact of COVID, Government policy announcements and Opportunities.

01:04 Impact of disruptions on Agriculture and Lending 08:33 Migration and Farm Labour 10:46 Govt Policy and Farmgate infra changes 17:56 Perishables Supply Chain 22:42 Overcoming challenges of fragmentation 27:45 Changes in Agri Lending ecosystem

Episode 5

Covid Impact on Collection Strategies

Collections expert and Founder Collekto, Bipul C Naithani discusses the impact on various aspects of Collections strategies.

00:51 Overall Impact and Lender’s response 04:42 Impact of Moratorium 08:13 Migration and Skip Rates 11:30 Key Transformations- Sales doing Collections 22:27 Impact on Collection Agencies 27:35 Technology Intervention in Collections

Episode 4

Covid Impact on Banking in Europe and Middle East

In this global roundup episode, see Amit Balooni in conversation with veteran CEOs Alexander Picker, from Austria and Bikram Rishi from Muscat, evaluate COVID Impact in Europe and Middle East and pick up lessons for India.

1:55 Pre-COVID Focus for Banks 5:56 How COVID changed priorities 11:15 Handling Lending portfolio stress 17:45 Impact on Liability Sourcing 22:27 Silver linings and Opportunities 27:35 Recovery Timelines and approaches

Episode 3

Post Covid Workplace changes and Communication Strategies

We discuss with Pritha Dubey, Leadership Coach and Founder, Success Vitamin, how life for banker will change what Communication strategies to adopt.

Episode 2

Impact of COVID on MSME and Role of Banks

Watch Amit Balooni in discussion with industry veterans Vasant Srivastava and Arijit Chanda the impact, role of Banks and what opportunities this turmoil may bring for MSMEs

Episode 1

Post COVID Challenges in lending

Banker, Consultant and founder Samvit Insights Arijit Chanda explains the impact on lending business of banks