7 Things I Have Learned From Startup Founders

7 Things I Have Learned From Startup Founders

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Knowledge sharing has an amazing multiplier effect.

In my day to day advisory interactions with new age businesses, including clients, acquaintances, referrals and friends, there is much I have learned.

Hope the gist of these learnings will help refine your own thought process while building a startup

#1 Clarity of thought

#2 Talk to strangers

#3 Customer before technology

#4 Scale over profit

#5 Chemistry over Mathematics

#6 Ready to fail

#7 Beware of penalty line

Download the presentation for details on each

A caveat though: While there may be a pattern, I would be wary to generalise and say these 7 are THE ‘common traits’. Different founders have different approaches and thought process about how they build up their startups. Not everything fits in every context. So take your pick.

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