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Now discussing Impact of COVID on Banking!

Episode 5

COVID Impact on Collections Strategies of Banks

Watch Amit Balooni Founder FrankBanker, in conversation with Collections expert and Founder Collekto, Bipul Naithani , evaluating the impact on various aspects of Collections strategies. 

00:51 (Part 1) Overall Impact and Lender’s response| 04:42 (Part 2) Impact of Moratorium| 08:13 (Part 3) Migration and Skip Rates| 11:30 (Part 4) Key Transformations- Sales doing Collections| 22:27 (Part 5) Impact on Collection Agencies| 27:35 (Part 6) Technology Intervention in Collections

Episode 4

COVID Impact: Banking in Europe and Middle East​

In this global roundup episode, see Amit Balooni Founder FrankBanker Consulting, in conversation with veteran CEOs Alexander Picker, from Austria and Bikram Rishi from Muscat, evaluate COVID Impact in Europe and Middle East and pick up lessons for India.

Episode 5 (extract)

How can Sales do Collections in post COVID world?

In this extract from EPISODE 5 watch Amit Balooni Founder FrankBanker, in conversation with Collections expert and Founder Collekto, Bipul C Naithani , discussing what is required for Sales teams at Banks to do Collections

Episode 3

COVID Impact- Workplace and Communication

In Episode 3, see Amit Balooni, Founder FrankBanker and Pritha Dubey, Leadership Coach and Founder, Success Vitamin, discuss how life of a Banker will change and what Communication Strategies to adopt for the new normal.

Episode 2

Impact on MSMEs
In Episode 2 series Part 4, we discusses with industry veterans Vasant Srivastava and Arijit Chanda the opportunities this turmoil may throw up for MSMEs​

Episode 1

Post COVID Banking: Challenges in Lending
In Episode 1, Part 2, Amit Balooni, Founder FrankBanker, discusses with V eteranBanker and Consulant, Arijit Chanda impact of COVID on different borrower segements

Latest Articles

Distribution Strategies: Do we need a Relationship Manager?

(SME Lending Models series Part 5)

Some crossroads our clients encounter while setting up distribution/origination models:

Do we set up a new SME vertical or leverage Branch resources? Is third party agents a good idea? To what depth in the market should we penetrate? Should we segregate the Sales and Relationship functions?

The answers lie hidden deep within the organisation’s current state and long-term view. Below are some of the basic considerations while building a SME distribution model

Financial Analysis is not Credit Risk Assessment

(SME Lending Models series Part 2)

Financial analysis is the most exciting part for many bankers. Evaluation of ratio trendlines, NWC availability or future cash flows is logical & fun way to credit decisioning. Possibly the next best thing to being an oracle! Who can counter argue when nos. show the future? But….

Is Technology the panacea?

(SME Lending Models series Part 3)

Technology has benefits. It can improve TAT, data access, accountability, reduce operational risk & build competitive advantage. Full workflow digitisation suite- Tabs +CRM+LOS+CBS integration+ LMS+DMS, seems impressive. “Let’s get it automated”


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