Building a Fintech? -8 Counter Questions to Avoid strategic Faux Pas

Building a Fintech? -8 Counter Questions to Avoid strategic Faux Pas

Newsletter 26 Feb 22
Newsletter 30 April 22
Two sides of digital transformation in Banks: ‘Digitise’ vs ‘Digitalise’:

A workable Strategy is a balance of creativity grounded in basics. More so in regulated business like Banking and Finance.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of interacting with some very sharp minds building their fintech ventures and picked up a lesson or two in these exchanges. 

The most important being -Common Sense is actually common. And it is all you need to avoid that strategic faux pas. However the problem lies in listening to that voice at the right time.

Building a startup makes one so engrossed and enamored by own ideas that it becomes difficult to separate wheat from chaff. We end up building self-imposed limitations for using common sense at the right time. Speaking to someone may help.

In the attached slides I share a 3 line gist of these 8 long and interesting conversations with the caveat that these had a time and model context. What seems pretty obvious in retrospect may not have been so then. Although the underlying message and learnings remain relevant today.

My only hope is that this triggers some introspection and helps in that 1° strategic calibration which makes all the difference in long run.

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Amit Balooni is the Founder of FrankBanker. In his 20+ years banking and consulting career, he has worked with leading banks and now advises banks and Fintechs globally on SME, SCF, Credit Risk and Strategy. Through his workshops, he has trained more than 2500 bankers across mid and senior levels. He continues to learn and share his learnings with fellow bankers on the way.

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